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Solar energy is the most available and efficient renewable resource. It provides enough energy in one hour to power the whole Earth for an entire year. It can drastically reduce the need for nonrenewable sources of energy.



Costs of energy rise every year. Solar panels have the potential to eliminate your monthly electric bill, including in winter months when there is less sunlight. Excess solar energy during summer months is sold back to the electric company for a credit on your bill.

"The sun does not shine for just a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy." - Henry Ward Beecher

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How much does it cost?

If you choose a purchase option, the cost of solar panel installation of course depends on how many solar panels you need, which we determine based on solar hours per location and by evaluating your electric bill. If you choose a lease option, you will be able to receive FREE installation with no money down and a monthly fee as low as $99 per month (depending on number of solar panels needed.) There is no credit check, no lien on your home, and a fixed low monthly payment.

What qualifications do I have to meet?

- You must be a homeowner

- You must be in a qualified area

- Your electric bill must be at least $150/month

No Money Down. You can start saving on your electric bill the first month.

No Lien on Your Home. We ensure a smooth transition if you decide to sell your home and help increase your value.

We will do a structural evaluation of your roof and a site evaluation to determine if your home and location is a good fit. 

How does it save me money?

In most cases, a family's electric bill is $150 a month or more. When we install solar panels, enough solar energy is collected to provide the energy needs of the home. In the summer months, there is an excess that is sold back to the electric company, providing the homeowner with a credit on their bill. This way, on days of shorter sunlight hours, the credit kicks in to pay for the needed electricity in the winter. In most cases, the electric bill is eliminated. Additionally, electricity, like everything else, goes up in price annually. We lock you in at a fixed monthly rate, so the amount you save increases every year.

How long will the panels last?

The equipment is guaranteed for 35 years. There is additional insurance that is placed on the panels. If something went wrong, our company will repair or replace it.

Our solar panels are hurricane and hail rated to ensure that they last through any storm you face. They can also ensure that you don't lose power when your neighbors do in a storm.



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